Coming Spring 2019

Biblical worldview class for KU & JCCC credit

In partnership with
LeTourneau University,
the Oread Center is
offering an on-site Biblical
worldview course for KU
or JCCC general elective
credit (3 credit hours)


Course Description

This discussion-driven class will help students examine the ways in which the identity of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit sharpens our understanding of the Christian life. The course will examine the coherence of Scripture, purpose for life and creation, meaning of salvation, place of work and basis for ethics. This course is taught by Dr. Chad Donohoe and Dr. Kelly Liebengood.

For more information and to register, please contact [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

In partnership with LeTourneau University, the Oread Center is offering an on-site Biblical Worldview course for KU/JCCC general elective credit (3 credit hours) on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30–10:50am. The course will be taught by Dr. Chad Donohoe and Dr. Kelly Liebengood.

While Biblical Worldview is open to all students, it is specifically geared towards undergraduates who want an opportunity to engage with the major questions of life and their implications on contemporary living. This class is not limited to professing Christians, Protestants or students in a specific academic department or major. While this course is deeply rooted in the historic Christian faith, all students who value thoughtful dialogue are welcome.

This class transfers to KU/JCCC as a general elective. General electives are simply hours required to help a student complete the total number of hours required for their degrees. Most degrees, though not all, at KU require a minimum of 120 hours for graduation. The number of general elective hours a student has will vary from student to student. It is important to talk with your academic advisor to determine how many general elective hours you have at this time.

For KU students, please note that although KU renewable scholarships only cover courses taken at KU, financial aid can be used to take classes outside of KU. It is critical to contact a Financial Aid Advisor ([email protected] or the Office of Financial Aid in the KU Visitor Center) to discuss how to apply your financial aid to courses taken outside KU.

Keep in mind that students with KU renewable scholarships must complete a total of 30 hours annually. This go-hour total does include coursework taken over the summer.

LETU is responsible for billing the student for the course and the student will be responsible for payment to LETU.

The OC is also located half a mile away from the heart of campus. It’s about a 15-minute walk to most buildings. While it is up to the student to coordinate their transportation, OC staff will be encouraging students to carpool together to and from the OC and KU. Our parking lot and a full block of street parking is available.

Yes. A student must be admitted as a non-degree seeking student at LETU in order to enroll in the class. Please contact Chad Donohoe for further instruction if you desire to enroll in the class.

[email protected] or 785-312-4926

Students will need to earn a “C” or above in Biblical Worldview to be able to transfer the class to KU for credit.

The student is responsible for transferring their credit once they have completed the course. We will provide instruction for doing so once the course is completed.